Synapse - The UCSF student newspaper, Volume 9, Number 11, 28 May 1965 — 1965-66 Symphony Tickets Now Available [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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1965-66 Symphony Tickets Now Available

Season tickets for the 1965--66 San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Concerts will be available to all Medical Center Students at a half-price rate through the Symphony Forum. Reservations for tickets will be taken at the Guy S. Millberry Union Central Desk after July 1, 1965, and will be available for purchase on October 4, 1965. Symphony season will begin on December 1, 1965, and will include a total of twenty concerts. The entire program is

available in the Millberry Union Program office, 241 Millberry. Season tickets on a student basis, are reserved for the Wednesday evening concerts, and you are reminded that you must present your student body card when you purchase your tickets and again at the door of the opera house. Questions may be referred to either Frank A. Moore, M.D., 73 Behr Avenue, San Francisco or to the Director's Office in the Millberry Union.

Florenoe Allen herself, San Francisco's best loved artist's model, as she has been painten, sculpted, and drawn by Bay Area artists for the past thirty years, is the subject of Millberry Union's "May Fair" art exhibit, which opened at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center on Monday, May 10. Born and brought up in east Oakland, Florence Allen began modelling in the 1930's at the San Francisco Art Institute, then the California School of Fine Arts. Since those days, Florence has seen seven directors come and go at the Institute, still her base of op-

erations, and has modelled for art classes at almost every school in the Bay Area, including Mills College, the University of California at Berkeley, San Francisco State College, the California College of Arts and Crafts, and Stanford University. Artist Ralph DuCasse, of the Mills College Faculty and a close friend of Flo's, has done over fifty drawings of her; he calls her "not only a superb model, but a remarkable personality and inspiring to the students." Work done of Florence Allen has been exhibited all over the United States, and has found its place in many pri-

vate European collections; Florence is particularly proud of a sculpture of her, by artist Gertrude Murphy, which resides at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The raison d'etre of the Millberry Union exhibit is "Florence Allen Herself," as she has been seen for the past thirty years by over fifty of the most prominent artists in the Bay Area. Among those whose work will be on exhibit are Ralph DuCasse, Gertrude Murphy, Joan Brown, Art Grant, John Magill, Karl Kasten, Glenn Wessells, John Haley, Helen Salz, and Ruth Cravath.

Mills College students honored Florence Allen recently on her birthday with a surprise party in the art department. Photo by Robert Dhaemers of Mills' Art Faculty.